Plug for power socket type dKAW-400 and dKAW-400A


Wtyczka do gniazda siłowego typu dKAW-400 oraz dKAW-400A


The plug is used for flameproof socket outlets type dKAW-400
and dKAW-400A, which are built into the battery boxes type SBS-4SBS-4ASBS-
4B, SBS-4W and SBS-4WŻ&nbsp and designed to connect rechargeable batteries with
powered by locomotives type ELA-44 i/lub Lea BM-12 and rectifiers. Plugins
for flameproof plug sockets dKAW-400 and dKAW-400A are available
in three varieties: “A +”, “B +” and “B-“.


Technical data

Rated current IN:350 A
Rated voltage UN:250 V



The plug for the power socket type dKAW-400 and dKAW-400A is made in accordance with the “Technical documentation for the connection block type dKAW-400A with the plug”. The dKAW-400A connection block is ATEX certified- KDB 06ATEX317/1, I M2 Ex d I Mb; released by Central Mining Institute, Notified Body nr 1453.


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ikonaPlug for power socket type dKAW-400 and dKAW-400A

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