Electric Battery Locomotive ELA-44


lokomotywa akumulatorowa

Application and environmental conditions:

The electric fire-proof locomotive type ELA-44 / * is designed for the transport of materials, machinery and equipment as well as for the transport of people in underground mining plants in workings classified as “a”, “b” or “c” methane explosion hazard and class “A” or “B” of the coal dust explosion hazard.
The locomotive type ELA-44 / * can operate in the ambient temperature not exceeding +40 o C and relative humidity up to 100%.

The electric battery locomotive type ELA-44/1 or 2 or 3 can be operated in the following environmental conditions:


Ambient air temperature:0oC to +40oC
Relative humidity in temp. 40oC:up to 95 %
Height above sea level:-1200÷1000 m npm
Transport and storage:temp. -25oC to +55oC in a short time, not exceeding 24 hours, to 40oC
The air surrounding the locomotive:Free from water and chemically active gases
Environment:Moderately aggressive chemically at best
Installing:The locomotive should be installed in rooms in accordance with the certificate (I M2)
  • the main body of the locomotive,
  • two service cabins with buffers,
  • two wheelsets with gear and engine,
  • flameproof intrinsically safe desk box OISP – built in each cabin,
  • flameproof box of SFIS inverters and controllers,
  • explosion-proof, reinforced construction battery, type SBS-4W or SBS-4WŻ.
  • the ELA-44 / * battery-powered electric locomotive consists of three parts joined together by bolts,
  • these are the main body and two control cabins,
  • such a solution facilitates the transport of the locomotive to the underground mines,
  • booths are equipped with OISP control panels, URO-1 flameproof reflectors, flameproof horns, joysticks (IP65) and other equipment,
  • the main body consists of the chassis and drive (two wheel sets with gear and engine), hydraulic (brake) system and SFIS gearbox,
  • a rechargeable battery of the SBS-4W or SBS-4WŻ type is mounted on the main body.

The electric system of the locomotive consists of the following components:

  • flameproof intrinsically safe desk box OISP (2 pcs),
  • universal flameproof reflector type URO-1 (4 pcs),
  • universal RP-100 spotlight (2 pcs),
  • electric buzzer type KBB-052 (2 pcs),
  • flameproof box of SFIS inverters and controllers (1 pc.),
  • explosion-proof reinforced battery type SBS-4W or SBS-4WŻ (1 pc. + 1 spare),
  • three-phase electric motors of the travel drive, type dSKg 180 L4-EP-f (2 pcs),
  • hydraulic pump motor dSg 90 L4-f (1 pc.),
  • system for the operator identification and recording of the speed and working time of a locomotive.

The entire braking system of the locomotive consists of three completely independent braking systems.
These are:

  • hydraulic brake – maneuvering-emergency,
  • electric brake – electric braking by motors with energy return to the battery,
  • mechanical – parking brake.


Dimensions [length x height x width]:5650 x 1650 x 1050 – 1250 mm
Wheelbase:1400 mm
Hourly power:2×22 kW = max 44 kW
Continuous power:20 kW
Hourly speed:3 m/s (10,8 km/h)
Continuous speed:2,8 m/s (10,2 km/h)
Continuous tractive effort:14 kN
Hourly tractive effort:20 kN
Mass:13700-14 000 kg (5500 kg SBS-4W (or SBS-4WŻ) battery + locomotive depending on the version)
The diameter of the wheels D:560 mm
The smallest radius of curvature of the track:15 m
Battery voltage and capacity:144 V, 840 Ah (760Ah)



The Electric Battery Locomotive type ELA-44/1 or 2 or 3 has the EC type examination certificate: OBAC 14 CZ / ATEX0611X of 09/12/2014 issued by the Research Center , Attestation and Certification OBAC Sp. z o. o. in Gliwice. The locomotive also has the OBAC / 0611 / MD / 14 certificate for compliance with the requirements of Directive 2006/42 / EC (Machinery Directive) and the PN-EN 1889-2 + A1: 2010 standard for the mechanical part.

Center for Testing, Attestation and Certification OBAC Sp. z oo, Notified Body No. 1461 in accordance with Article 9 of Council Directive 94/9 / EC of 23 March 1994, certifies that the above-mentioned device or protective system has been checked for compliance with the basic safety and health requirements regarding the design, construction of the device and system for use in potentially explosive atmospheres specified in Annex II to this Directive.

The basic requirements of safety and health protection were implemented by meeting the requirements of the following standards:


  • PN-EN-1710+A1:2010,
  • PN-EN 13463-1:2010,
  • PN-EN 13463-5:2012.


The ELA-44/1 or 2 or 3 battery electric locomotive is marked with:
I M2 c
 Elektryczna Lokomotywa Akumulatorowa  1461


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