Spotlight type RP-100


Reflektor punktowy typu RP-100

The RP-100 type spotlight is intended for installation in underground mining locomotives, serving as a reflector illuminating the road while driving with a long beam or passing beam.

The RP-100 type spotlight is also intended for use in other devices and machines in underground mining plants. It is particularly suitable for installation on mobile mining machinery such as loaders or drill trucks.

The RP-100 type spotlight is intended for use in rooms classified as “a”, “b” and “c” levels of methane explosion hazard and class A or B of coal dust explosion hazard.

The RP-100 type spotlight is constructed as a bolted-welded structure. It consists of the following main elements:

  • headlamp body,
  • headlamp covers,
  • headlamp glass with a clamping nut,
  • reflector sheet with a reflector with a diameter of Ø96mm.

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