RPW-1 relay



RPW-1 relay 
The RPW-1 type relay is built based on the microprocessor technique. Relay of RPW-1 type is responsible for controlling the “parallel operation” status.
It provides the following information: operating status, failure status, time and date of failure, cause of failure. These events are automatically saved in the microprocessor’s non-volatile memory, which allows for saving up to 340 messages.
These messages can be viewed on the display in the “History” tab in the order from the last event to the first event. It is possible to send all the recorded events to a PC computer through the RS232 serial port.
The RPW-1 relay includes the following elements:

  • microprocessor controller with a display
  • leakage relay PZ-35
  • rectifier unit ZP-04
  • choke L
  • isolation transformer TS
  • relay R-15
  • fuse plate
  • battery Ni-Cd 7,2 V, 700 mAh
  • terminal block 4 mm2, 660 V
  • lterminal block 10 mm2, 660 V

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