BPS-25A fuses


Bezpieczniki BPS-25A


Fuse BPS-25A is designed to protect against the effects of short-circuits in the control circuits of Lea – 12 … battery-powered locomotives SBS-4 oraz SBS-4W


The BPS-25A fuse has the same dimensions as the BPS-350A and is designed to be installed in the plugs of connection sockets of the dKAW-400 or dKAW-400A type. The BPS-25A fuse housing is reusable, the SIBA 25A DC fuse is inside the fuse.

Replacing the SIBA 25A fuse link:

In the event of the BPS-25A fuse insert burnout, unscrew the longer current pole of the housing with a flat screwdriver – remove the burned insert, and then install a new one in place of the burnt one. Finally, use a flat screwdriver to screw the contact tip all the way back in. 


Technical data

Rated current IN:25 A
Rated voltage UN:250 V
Weight:~700 g


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