Cable entry reductions type WMg- / WK-M



Reducers for cable entries type WMg – .. / WK-M.. 
Reducers for cable inlets type WMg – .. / WK-M .. are intended for introducing cables and wires with a circular cross-section into the inside of flameproof electrical equipment, thickness. I and subgroup II C and dustproof III C. Depending on the execution of the threaded inlet hole, the reductions of the WMg – .. / WK-M .. type enable the insertion of cables or wires with a diameter from Ø6 mm to Ø22 mm. The cable entries type WMg – .. / WK-M .. are designed in accordance with the applicable safety requirements specified in the relevant industrial standards. Cable inlet reductions type WMg – .. / WK-M .. are made by turning from a steel bar, St3S grade with a hexagonal cross-section. On the one hand, the reducers have an incised external thread compatible with the design of the WMg inlet socket, and on the other hand, an incised internal thread compatible with the design of the WK-M type inlet. The ATEX marking is engraved on the outside of the body.

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ikonaReducers for cable entries type WMg – .. / WK-M ..

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