Welding, turning, CNC milling services – metal and plastic processing

Welding, turning, CNC milling and plasma cutting services and other processes related to the processing of metals and plastics are an additional element of our offer, which is directed not only to representatives of the mining industry. We use methods with a wide range of applications and high efficiency, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

PHPU “Izol-Plast” provides services at the client’s request:

  • cutting, welding, cutting metals and non-ferrous metals,
  • turning and milling of metals and plastics,
  • pressing and bending,
  • making metal and plastic elements,
  • other services.

We have a modern machine park:

  • Robot FANUC ARC MATE 120i Be with a welding unit and a Kjellberg plasma cutting unit,
  • vertical machining center R1000 BACA AFM Andrychów,
  • numerically controlled universal lathe TUG-56MN AFM Andrychów,
  • numerically controlled universal lathe SKT15/21 CNC Hundai-KIA,
  • boring and milling machine WH 10 NC,
  • numerically controlled universal lathe JANUS-400 CNC,
  • universal pull lathe JANUS-500/1500C,
  • universal milling machine FWA-32/39/41,
  • injection molding machine Wh-240/80 Bp,
  • cutting device NK 3416 4×2000,
  • horizontal band saws PPK-175T,
  • hydraulic presses.

Thanks to this, we can perform all works precisely and on time. Our welding, turning and other machining services are of a high standard also due to the excellent qualifications of our staff and attention to every detail.

At the customer’s request, PHPU “Izol-Plast” can process various types of alloy steels (including stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and others), non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, bronze, alumium and others) and various types of plastics (Tarnamid, glass, TSE glassepoxy).

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