Cable inlets’ plugs type Z-WMg ..


Zaślepki wpustów kablowych typu Z-WMg..

Construction and application:

Plug for cable inlets type Z-WMg..are intended for blanking the entries of cables and wires with a circular cross-section to the inside of flameproof electrical equipment covers of the thickness of I and subgroup II C and dustproof III C.
Depending on the execution of the groove threaded hole, plugs type Z-WMg.. enable the plugging of threaded entries with a thread diameter from Ø35 mm to Ø48 mm.

Cable inlets plugs type Z-WMg.. have been designed in accordance with the applicable safety requirements of the relevant industry standards.

Cable inlets plugs type Z-WMg.. They are made by turning from a steel bar of the St3S grade with a hexagonal cross-section. The plug socket is closed by screwing in the appropriate threaded plug. The ATEX marking is engraved on the outside of the body.


Technical parameters of plug type Z-WMg..:

Working temperature range of plugs-10oC ÷ +80oC
Level of securityIP 65
Relative humidityto 95 %
Work locationany
Environmentmoderately chemically aggressive
Feature of explosion-proof constructionI M2 II 2G II 2D
Designation according to ATEXEx d I Mb Ex d IIC Gb Ex tb IIIC Db


Plugs range Z-WMg..:

Type of plugPlug dimensions (thread)Spanner [mm]
Z-WMg-1G 1 1/8″50
Z-WMg-2G 1 1/2″50


Plugs type Z-WMg.. have an examination certificate type WE: OBAC 14ATEX0199X from 30.04.2014r.

Center for Attestation and Certification Research OBAC Sp. z o. o., Notified Body No. 1461 in accordance with Article 9 of Council Directive 94/9 / EC of March 23, 1994 certifies that the above-mentioned device or protection system was checked for compliance with the basic safety and health requirements regarding the design, construction of the device and a protective system intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, which are given in Annex no. II of this Directive.

The basic requirements of safety and health protection were implemented by meeting the requirements of the following standards:

  • PN-EN 60079-0:2013
  • PN-EN 60079-1:2010
  • PN-EN 60079-31:2011

Plugs for cable inlets type Z-WMg.. are marked with:

I M2 Ex d I Mb
II 2G Ex d IIC Gb
                  II 2D Ex tb IIIC Db



are marked with:

Plugs for cable inlets Z-WMg..

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