The power supply type Z-1000/500/230/42/24



Power Supply type Z-1000/500/230/42/24 
The Z-1000/500/230/42/24 power supply has been developed as a portable electrical device designed to supply 230VAC, 42VAC and 24VAC devices – mainly for specialized measuring instruments *.
* Used for measuring and locating faults on cables and power lines in underground mines.

In rooms with no risk of methane explosion – degree “a” and classified as “A” of coal dust explosion risk, the power supply as a normal construction device with a protection degree of at least IP-54, can be operated without restrictions – § 726.2 – Regulation of the Minister of Energy.

In workings classified as “b” and “c” levels of methane explosion hazard, the use of the power supply is limited by the provisions of Annex 4 – Installation, operation and inspection of machines, devices and installations, to the above-mentioned Regulation of the Minister of Energy, point 5.11 and 5.12. The use of the aforementioned power supply is allowed, then under the conditions specified in these sections of Appendix 4.

The Z-1000/500/230/42/24 power supply has a technical opinion No. JSHP / 15 / O / 2018 issued by the Certification Body J. S. Hamilton Poland S. A. ul. Liberation 14; 41-103 Siemianowice Śląskie.

The use of the Z-1000/500/230/42/24 type power supply in underground workings of mining plants when locating damage to cables or tire wires, as a specialized measuring apparatus, may take place in accordance with point 5.12.1 of Annex 4 to the regulation referred to in point 4 of this opinion on the basis of a written order or in the manner specified in the detailed instructions for safe performance of these works and tests, approved by the manager of the mining plant operations.

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