Tmax T5 circuit breaker



Replacing the SH630 / M circuit breaker with a new Tmax T5 circuit breaker by ABB 

Circuit breaker Tmax T5 with PR221DS electronic protection by ABB has obtained a positive opinion for use in flameproof transformer stations. In the overhauled or serviced transformer stations, the lower voltage chamber of the substation was equipped with the ABB Tmax T5 circuit breaker, instead of the previously used SH630 / M circuit breaker. The station’s flameproof enclosure and other electrical equipment remained unchanged.

After installing a Tmax T5 circuit breaker with PR221DS electronic protection in transformer stations in accordance with DT by an employee of IZOL-PLAST, the level of
explosion safety of flameproof transformer stations and stations retain the previous approval feature.

Circuit breaker Tmax T5 with electronic protection PR221DS by ABB, used in renovated flameproof transformer stations, type:

  • IT3Sb 315/6, IT3Sb 315/6N, IT3Sb 315/6/Z, IT3Sb 400/6, IT3Sb 400/6N, IT3Sb 400/6/1, IT3Sb 400/6/1N, IT3Sb 400/6/BM, IT3Sb 400/6/1/BM, IT3Sb 630/6/1;
  • IT3Sc 400/6, IT3Sc 400/6/1, IT3Sc 400/6/M, IT3Sc 400/6/1/M, IT3Sc 400/6/MR, IT3Sc 400/6/1/MR, IT3Sc 500/6, IT3Sc 630/6/1, IT3Sc 630/6/1/M, IT3Sc 630/6/1/MR;
  • IT3Sd 315/6/Z, IT3Sd 400/6, IT3Sd 400/6N, IT3Sd 400/6/1, IT3Sd 400/6/1N, IT3Sd 400/6/Z, IT3Sd 400/6/1/Z, IT3Sd 500/6, IT3Sd 630/6/1;
  • IT3SF-2 1000/6/1;
  • IT3Sm-1 315/6 R-R, IT3Sm-1 315/6 R-U, IT3Sm-1 400/6 R-R, IT3Sm-1 400/6 R-U,
    IT3Sm-1 400/6/1 R-R, IT3Sm-1 400/6/1 R-U.

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