Universal control and protection device UCMI-C



The universal control and protection device UCMI-C (Universal Control and Measurement Instrument) controls the insulation condition in DC networks with a rated voltage of up to 180V. The UCMI-C device has been designed so that it can be used, for example, to control the insulation condition of SBS-4, SBS-4W, SBS-5 or SBS-4Lion battery boxes.

The electrical system of the universal control and protection device UCMI-C consists of:

  • leakage protection that continuously measures the state of insulation of the controlled network,
  • system for measuring voltage (the value of the measured voltage is displayed on the liquid crystal display in the line below the indicated resistance value),
  • LED informing about the drop in insulation of the controlled network below 360kΩ.
  • In the event of threats to the operation of power grids or electrical installations, resulting from damage to the insulation between the current-conducting conductor and the ground, UCMI-C type device cooperating with circuit breakers reduces the likelihood of electric shock, fire, gas explosion or coal dust in a mine.

    UCMI-C device is intended for installation in the chambers of flameproof enclosures, including apparatus chambers of explosion-proof or protected construction. UCMI-C is used as an insulation condition meter in mining locomotives type ELA-44 and / or Lea BM-12.

    Technical specifications

    Universal control and protection device UCMI-C

    Supply voltage:20-50 V DC
    Type of work:continuous
    Power consumption:≤10 VA
    Level of security:IP00
    Dimensions:93 x 85 x 62 mm
    Contact load:3 A / 24 V


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