Plug-in traction unit type TZWO-4


Trakcyjny zespół wtykowy typu TZWO-4
Trakcyjny zespół wtykowy typu TZWO-4


Plug-in traction unit type TZWO-4  is built on flameproof battery boxes of the SBS-5, SBS-5A type and is designed to connect the battery with a powered battery locomotive type Ldag-05 or with a charger for charging the battery.
The TZWO-4 type traction plug assembly is of a flameproof design and enables connection with a locomotive or a rectifier with the use of 4 pcs of special flameproof plugs. The plugs are not supplied with the plug assembly as they are part of the locomotive or charger equipment, not the battery pack.

Technical data:

  • Rated voltage : Un= 110V DC
  • Rated current: In= 100 A

Compliance with standards:

  • PN-83/E-08110
  • PN-83/E-08115
  • PN-83/E-08116

Feature of admission: BM 1510/78 

The traction plug-in unit type TZWO-4 may be used only as a spare part for the overhauled and repaired accumulator batteries type SBS-5, SBS-5A.



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