Flexible busbars for transformers with a capacity of 1000 kVA


Szyny elastyczne dla transformatorów o mocy 1000 kVA


Flexible busbars are intended for use in low voltage chambers of flameproof transformers manufactured by AEG “MEFTA” (GEC Alsthom) – Mikołów with a power of 1000 kVA.

Flexible busbars are used to make connections between the bushings providing voltage from the flameproof tank of flameproof transformers manufactured by AEG “MEFTA” (GEC Alsthom) – Mikołów of the transformer core, and the lower terminals of the SH-630 / M circuit breaker.


Flexible busbars are made of a single conductor 95mm2 with rubber insulation made of flame-retardant rubber.

  • The ends of the flexible rails are pressed in copper sleeves.
  • Mounting holes are drilled in the pressed ends of the rail (clamp).
  • The pressed ends of the rails are galvanized with zinc.


Technical data of flexible busbars for 1000 kVA transformers

Drain rated current In275 A
Rail cross-section1×95 mm2
End clamp dimensions38x38x13 mm
Mounting holes diameterØ17,5 mm



Outflow II Q2Outflow II Q3
LpLengthNumber of fasteners per setLpLengthNumber of fasteners per set
11080 mm1 piece1720 mm1 piece
21120 mm1 piece2820 mm1 piece
31160 mm1 piece31000 mm1 piece


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