PR-1 type fire absorbers


Pochłaniacze ognia typu PR-1


The PR-1, PR-1a fire absorbers are manufactured as a spare part for the ROK … type flameproof switchboards … produced by ZWAR High Voltage Apparatus Manufacturing Plant in Warsaw, in place of the P1 type P1 absorbers by “ZWAR” Warsaw (approval feature Exdsl KDB No. 87.073X).

Fire Absorbers PR-1 and PR-1a are fully compatible with gas absorbers manufactured by “ZWAR” Warszawa type P1.


Technical data:

Dimensions:525 x 273 x 110 mm
Total weight:24 kg
Level of security:IP-54
Feature of admission:ExdsI KDB nr 01.052X
Compliance with standards:PN-83/E-08110, PN-83/E-08116



Fire absorbers PR-1 and PR-1a obtain the attestation opinion of the “Barbara” Experimental Mine L.Dz. KD-4/799/2001/201/inż DPand the feature of explosion-proof construction – KDB 01.052X


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