Battery leakage meter – MUB-3A


Miernik upływności baterii - MUB-3A


Handheld microprocessor type battery leakage meter MUB-3A measures the resistance of the box lining in SBS-4 and SBS-5 accumulator batteries, in accordance with the requirements of the standard BN-81/0462-03 “Flameproof battery boxes. Requirements and tests”.

Gauge MUB-3A enables the following measurements:
– resistance measurement (given in megohms);
– measuring the voltage of the tested accumulator batteries;
– measurement of electrolyte temperature in battery cells.
The results are stored in non-volatile memory.

MUB-3A has the ability to transfer data from memory to a computer using the RS-232 serial port, and then read and print them in the program.

Automatic shutdown protects against deep discharge of the batteries.

Illuminated display of the meter facilitates work in dark places.


Technical data

The range of the calculated resistance0÷1000 MΩ + (5%+1 numer)
Measuring voltage range0÷180 V DC + (1,5%+1 number)
Measured temperature range0÷55 oC (2oC+1 number)
Internal resistanceabout 150 kΩ
Power12 V DC and an internal battery
Dimensions170x85x40 mm


Together with the MUB-3A meter we provide:

  • test leads 3 pcs
  • temperature probe
  • data transmission cable
  • power supply for charging batteries
  • metal box for carrying the meter
  • manual user instructions.

The MUB-3A battery leakage meter can cooperate with the new generation of reinforced construction battery boxes, type SBS-4W, via the monitoring socket.


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